We have a full fledged product testing and validation infrastructure approved by global OEMs present in India to validate various components to ensure higher and consistent levels of quality

We have several machines and systems developed and designed by us for different kinds of fatigue testing for our steering suspension components and drive line components, these machines test several real time environment strains on the components and verify their optimum performance levels and durability

  • Push Pull Tests
  • End Lift Tests
  • Rotational Torque Tests
  • Muddy Water Seal Test


All tests are performed for 1 million cycles which translates to roughly 100,000 km of drive range.

We also have several virtual simulation software to validate form and function and test for strength and stress on the part during its application.

  • LS DYNA for stress testing on drive line, steering and suspensions components
  • FLUENT for liquid flow simulations for our engine cooling components

The aforementioned mechanical tests along with our virtual simulation software help us validate products and develop, redesign and optimize products to ultimately reduce weight, cost with increased form, function and strength.

Other fatigue testing capabilities include advanced facilities of strain measurement, Crack detection techniques and complete Metallurgical analysis of fatigue failure specimens.