Design Engineering & Product Development

We offer end to end solutions to our customers through our technology know how, product design and product development expertise

  • We have a state of the art Cad/Cam/CAE facility to generate 3D models to accelerate development time
  • We also have metal flow simulation software for virtual manufacturing for optimized design and process validation
  • We also have an in depth grain flow analysis to verify the durability of the forged parts
  • It has helped us reduce the weight of our components without affecting form or function to ultimately result in much lighter and fuel efficient vehicles
  • Spline cutting Grinding
  • We also have UG-NX, and LS DYNA software to generate tool paths for high speed and efficient die cutting and also virtual validation of strength and durability

The in house facilities of design and development significantly decreases our development times for new products and with our extensive research and experience in mechanical design coupled with our virtual validation prowess, we are able to design and induce changes in our products for maximum yield in strength and durability

Our engineering center is designed to constantly improve upon their processes by adopting best practices and technologies to cater to the growing demands of the global market