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Kafila Forge Ltd

Kafila Forge Ltd

Kafila Group has earned its leadership position due to its integrated approach. Kafila Forge Limited was setup as a captive forging company to feed our forging requirements for better controlling our product quality, timely delivery and most importantly controlling our input cost. This philosophy has paid dividends and Kafila Forge Limited has surpassed its objective and is now a leading forging company and strong after market player for Drive Shaft components and U.J. Crosses.

Kafila Forge Limited employs industry wide best practices and systems that is most sorted by our customers and provides the strong momentum in Kafila Group’s growth. Kafila Forge has a forging capacity of 1500 tons per month along with in-house heat treatment and CAD/CAM based Tool Room Facility. We have a strong metallurgical department equipped with state of the art equipment that ensures that each product made at Kafila has a strong character that Kafila brand is associated with.



>Kafila Forge Ltd. is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Its production capacity includes an installed capacity of 2500 tones per month. The company has an advanced forged shop.

Forged components are of prime interest to the design engineer by virtue of their high integral strength and durability. Processing of the raw material during forging refines the grain structures and gives consistent and predictable mechanical properties.

Forged to close tolerance, post machining can be reduced to a minimum to provide attractive cost savings. Often single piece forged components can replace previously fabricated parts to produce a product of enhanced quality at low cost.